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On Valentine's Day 2013 the BBC ran a very interesting article about how dating has changed over time, from lonely hearts ads to internet dating. The first lonely hearts ad was placed over 300 years ago, in 1695 to be precise. The ad was placed by a 'gentleman' looking to 'match' himself with a gentlewoman. Here's hoping that he did find true love. It was placed in a journal for husbandry and trades. I'm guessing that maybe he was lonely tending to just the sheep and cattle and wanted a lady to make him smile after a hard day doing herding sheep and miliking cows. I wonder if he was hoping to date in his 40s or 50s? Unlikely I guess, society has come on in leaps and bounds, for the good I think.

People wanting to find their soul-mate as the years progressed turned to print media, an obvious choice as options back in the 1900s for lonely-hearts ads as they were considered was limited to around 20 newspapers  and an example of one such fine ad may be read in an archived copy of the Kansas City Matrimonal News of 1887, note that age, height, weight and a photo seem to be as important 300 years ago as they are today :-)

How to find one's soul-mate throughout the years now uses all forms of media, from print to social media, TV dating shows to off course the internet where it was cited in the BBC report that over 10% of all internet users use the wonderful, ubiquitous internet to find love, romance, friendship, fun and happiness. I know that can support your desire for great dates and hopefully your soul-mate as we have 1,000s single people local to you who are single and want to find someone special. Enjoy dating with us and please do contact us if you required any relationship advice, dating tips or coaching for dates.

What I Learned About Dating From Mom and Dad

One fine day in 1963 two people whom I adore went on a date, and shortly thereafter they just knew they'd eventually marry each other. Fifty years later, they are indeed happily married and I am proud to call them my loving parents. Like them, sometimes you "just know" you've found the right person and that's followed by a thoughtful, practical and organic approach towards getting to know each other and planning a life together.

Today though, dating isn't so simple and many times people complicate it unnecessarily. Rather than following their hearts, they are influenced by societal expectations and their friends' opinions. All too often people compare themselves to others who are married or partnered and set timelines for themselves. For example, I hear so often from my clients: "My friends are all getting married." Or, "I have to meet the man of my dreams this year, be engaged within a year, married within two and have kids within three." This urgency reeks of desperation and is about as appealing to potential partners as ordering cold cuts at the deli. That said, people should forget the fact that their friends are either married or engaged. They aren't part of their relationship. Nor is there a life script that says you need to adhere to societal norms or rush to get married just because others have done so. Remember, it's far better to be happily single than unhappily married.

Here's what to do:

  • If you're in love with someone and talking next steps, then move away from the idea of a fairy-tale wedding and focus on marriage and a life together.
  • Think about the pros and cons of marriage.
  • If you're struggling to convince yourself or your partner that you're doing the right thing, then marriage probably isn't happening.
  • Address issues beyond love: things that are major parts of life such as goals, to have kids or not, geographic preference for settling, religion, careers and finances. These are the things that bring couples to see me for counseling much more than a lack of love. All too often, I hear from couples, "I love him but we're just not on the same page when it comes to... "
  • Other things to keep in mind: If there's volatility while dating, that likely will continue in the marriage. Peoples' personalities and temperaments usually don't change just because there's a marriage certificate.
  • Finally, if you feel you can't live without your significant other and you can live with him or her, you have your answer. If you truly feel that you're each other's best friend, then you're in great shape. This stands the tests of time -- gray hair and wrinkles not withstanding.


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